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Analytical Chemistry

Executec was founded more than 30 years ago to provide recruiting services for professionals in sales, sales-support, applications development, service, and marketing for the world's foremost manufacturers of scientific instrumentation utilized in R&D, QC/QA, materials testing, and general research of chemistry applications. We have placed candidates to work in a broad spectrum of analytical techniques including chromatography (LC, HPLC, GC, IC, etc.), spectroscopy (FT-IR, UV-Vis, ICP, AA, Mass Spectrometry, X-ray), surface analysis, materials characterization, electrochemistry, and thermal analysis, among others. During this time, our role has grown tremendously, compelling Executec to become an integral part of many of our clients' Human Resources procedures, through a consultative search process. Today we are responsible for recruiting not only sales and marketing professionals in Analytical Chemistry, but have expanded our searches to include C-level and executive positions across all business functions, General Management, Vice President, President, CEO, CTO, COO, and CFO. We are proud to say that we continue to hold a strong foundation in this area and can claim dozens of companies as long term clients and references.

Life Sciences

Our history in the Life Sciences market spans more than 30 years. When many of today's techniques in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Genomics, Proteomics, and Microarray were in their infancy, we were assisting companies in the life sciences market, both entering for the first time and through ongoing operations, with recruiting talent for their teams. At the time Executec entered this market, we began by working on senior level positions in many organizations; as such we are responsible for some of the key executive decision makers brought into this industry early-on through our placements. This background gives us a unique understanding of how the industry has grown and developed and makes us more effective in today's dynamic market. The partnerships we have created in the life science arena have enabled Executec to stay at the forefront of this technology. Today we work with companies manufacturing instrumentation and reagents for cutting-edge procedures advancing the science of life.


Our clients have relied on us for 30 plus years to provide outstanding talent-from Materials Engineers who create products through Executives running and managing multi-billion dollar companies. This industry's use of high-technology metrology and microscopy instrumentation for measurement of airborne particulates, thickness, thinness, failure analysis, luminosity, and conductivity, amongst others, is matched very well to our overall expertise in recruitment of professionals in high-technology instrumentation. With the extensive changes this industry undergoes on a regular basis, one constant remains…Executec's commitment to providing the market's most capable and skilled candidates.

Process, Test & Measurement

Since 1990, companies manufacturing instrumentation for use in monitoring on-going processes have depended on Executec to bring to them the highest caliber sales professionals, field support engineers, marketing managers, and executives in R&D, Operations, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and General Management. This industry is comprised of instruments and tools used for on-line/at-line measurement, gas analysis, industrial hygiene, industrial emissions, refinery process control, in plant monitoring, flow of goods, air/gas monitoring, sensors for the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative, and process optimization.

Medical/Clinical Diagnostics

In 2003, one of our existing clients expanded its product range to include instrumentation used in preparation of and diagnosis of tissue disease (histology/pathology) and surgical monitoring instruments in hospitals and medical labs. We were asked to perform a search for a General Manager for the new business unit and did so successfully in a short period of time after quickly coming up to speed on this specific market. Realizing that many of the manufacturers of instrumentation in the above categories also make equipment and instruments used in medical laboratories, we decided to dive head first into this new market niche for Executec. In doing so, we have gained the trust of several new clients and now consider ourselves to be well versed in the general medical and clinical diagnostic instrumentation market with specific specialties in niche areas of experience including histology, diagnostic test kits, pathology, x-ray, NMR, surgical microscopy, video interface, and others.

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