Why Executec

Why Executec Search Agency

From Fortune 500 to mid size and start ups.


As a firm, we are committed to fully understanding each industry in which we recruit. As a result, we limit our fields of expertise to Instrumentation for discovery and analysis in Chemistry, Life Science, Process Sciences, Semiconductor, and Pharma and BioPharma industries.


As industry experts, we can help you generate competitive offers, supply you with broad industry knowledge, and provide you insight into hiring practices and trends that may otherwise be difficult to understand.


Your business is protected by our confidentiality guarantee. All information is handled with a high degree of sensitivity and treated as privileged unless specifically noted for dispersal to potential candidates.


Nearly 80% of our searches are for repeat clients or candidates that are now clients. Direct referrals to our firm from existing clients generate another 15% of our searches due to our outstanding industry reputation.


Our business has a history of strength and stability for more than 30 years. A strong commitment to our clients has earned us the ability to work for more than 30 years continuously with many of the same companies.


Speed and accuracy are important to you as our client, and as a result, expediency is important to us! Realizing that one without the other is of no great significance to you, we strive to find an equal balance to suit your specific need.


We utilize an extensive screening process to insure a solid match of technical skills, goals, personalities and culture for our clients and candidates. This starts with an in-depth assessment of the company and its hiring practices so that we can adjust our candidate interviewing accordingly.


Although we specialize in higher-end Retained Searches, we also work in a Contingency fashion to help fulfill your needs. Know that if you choose a contingency option, you are given the same commitments as a Retained Search. The added benefit of a Retained Search is the guarantee of a predetermined number of candidates for you to interview in the final stages of the process.


Our goal is to provide our clients with optimal candidates to select the best match for their needs; conversely, we are also committed to presenting our candidates with the best possible opportunity to correlate their skill sets. This ensures us long term success for both clients and candidates.

Want to know how we connect industry leaders with top-level talent? Reach out and learn what we can do for you.

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