Dale Levizke



“I have worked with a multitude of recruiters globally over the past 20 years, filling positions across the continental US, throughout EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Of all of the hiring partners I have worked with, Chris Avron stands out above the rest and is the ONLY Executive Recruiter in the Science and Technology space I recommend to others. Why? Chris takes the time to truly understand the roles and responsibilities that are important to matching both prospective employer and employee. I know he cares about ensuring the correct fit for both parties, and in this way helps to ensure a successful outcome. Attention to detail, solid work ethic and laser focus means I can rely on Chris to find me not just one, but a slew of highly qualified candidates in a relatively short period of time. The only problem I have working with Chris is choosing the best candidate’s for my role’s. I am working with him now and will be working with him long into the future…”